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This movie is about the relationship between a daughter and a father. Father and
daughter, due to family circumstances, from childhood had to live geographically
separated, the daughter in Chile, the father in Brazil. They wrote letters to each other for 20 years, until THE FATHER HAS A CEREBRAL ACCIDENT AND LOSES THE LANGUAGE. The father becomes aphasic, which means he can no longer speak or write. The history speaks of two losses. The first when they have to separate in the girl´s childhood and the second loss when the father loses the ability to speak and their communication through letters is cut off. The father is a psychoanalyst and his greatest power was language.

The director is the daughter, it is an autobiographical story. The daughter, me, is a visual artist, she has a large studio in a former factory in the yungay neighborhood in Santiago de Chile. She works from the visual arts and that permeates into the film. Most of the film takes place in Brazil, in the childhood home, in the mountainous Sierra between Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. The Atlantic forest, a very exuberant place with a powerfull nature. Somehow, that house in the middle of nature with that vegetation, bugs and their sounds and all the atmosfere is also a protagonist.

This work has been filmed for several years, the camera plays with materialities diverse.There is archive material from the 1990s, which is a trip made by the father to Chile, his only visit in 20 years, they make a trip to the south of Chile. Then they dialogue new recordings and archives.

Do human beings need to communicate with their environment? How do we communicate? Can affection build a language beyond words? Can the camera be a communication device between two beings that cannot speak?


Shetffield DocFest

30th Festival Edition: 14-19 june 2023


Klaudia Kemper

Klaudia Kemper is a visual artist and filmmaker from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, who now lives in Santiago, Chile. She has explored various artistic mediums such as painting, photography, animation, video installation, and film. Her work questions identity through inquiries about the human body and biographical reconstruction aesthetics. Her pieces are part of the collections at MoMA in New York and the Reina Sofia Art Center in Spain, among others, and have been exhibited in over 20 countries.

Mitzy Saldivia Acuña

Mitzy Saldivia Acuña is an Audiovisual Communicator from Chile with over 20 years of experience in production. She has worked on several significant projects for television, cinema, and documentaries. Some of her most notable projects include fictional series such as “Adiós Al Séptimo de Línea” (2010), “Mary&Mike” (2016), and “Héroes Invisibles” (2019). She has also worked on a documentary series called “Mujeres Artistas, una vida creando” (2023).

Mucho Gusto Producciones

is a production company founded in 2015, dedicated to creating authorial films with an intimate focus on biographical and performative documentaries, experimental and artistic formats in audiovisual media, video art, and video installations. Their productions include “The Present” (does not exist) in 2016, “The Artists’ Cooperative” in 2018, “Chilean Women Artists” and “Women Artists: A Life of Creation” in 2023.”